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  We have special class certificate in general contracting of housing construction. Since its establishment, the company has been well-known for contracting to build “tall, big, new, top and unique” projects. It has completed a large number of large-scale and super large-scale projects with tight construction period, high requirements and great technical difficulties both at home and abroad and has hit a record high speed of “one floor in three days” and “four structural layers in nine days” in the construction of Shenzhen International Trade Building and Shenzhen Diwang Building respectively. Some construction projects have even become local landmarks. All those have contributed to the company’s images of “an iron army of construction” and “a forceful brigade of construction”.

  Ever since the beginning of the 21st century, the company has contracted to build or participated in building a large number of major projects including Pakistan The Centaurus Mixed –Use Development, Pakistan Technical Buildings JF-17 aircraft factory, the Bird's Nest National Stadium, Shanghai World Financial Center, the new CCTV Building, Hong Kong World Financial Center, Tsinghua University Fine Art School, new terminal building of Shenzhen Airport and Guiyang Olympic Sports Center and so on, which has improved its competitiveness.
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